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BowLand is a music project born in 2015 in Florence among three high school friends: Lei Low, Pejman and Saeed, who met each other in Tehran and consequently moved to Florence to pursue their studies. 

BowLand's music has its roots in a musical space where floating atmospheres and unusual sounds blend with ethereal vocals and groovy beats. Genre-wise the music could be considered close to Trip Hop.


​BowLand is a multilayered project that is brought to life as a mixture of different artistic inputs: the notes, the voice and the graphics. BowLand in Farsi means "high", "loud" and "tall". BowLand is also a dream land whose atmosphere mirrors that of the music and its image will be crafted over time through the illustrations and animations of the singer.

In 2016, BowLand won the music contest Toscana100Band, which was launched by the local government of Tuscany. Thanks to these funds the band managed to produce "Floating Trip", their debut album, which was released in April 2017.

This debut album by the “home studio” band is the sum of their different artistic influences, ranging from Massive attack to Cocorosie, Nicolas Jaar and Gorillaz!. The lyrics are a direct consequence of the music; sounds and melodies that have innate Middle Eastern roots while defying stereotypical and simplistic expressions. Three kids who grew up in Tehran gazing at western influences, today live in the west rediscovering the sounds of their own land alongside this musical trip.  

The tracks are truly home-made, designed and created within the walls of an apartment, from a synergy that’s made of moments and sparks of creativity. Ideas are born while taking turns to wash the dishes, perhaps from the sound of the flowing water, a background over which samples and recordings are laid; gradually conceiving something special.

In 2018, the band participated in the 12th edition of X Factor Italy and even though their music is far from being mainstream they managed to make their way to the finals with a strong support by both the jury and the public. In December 2018 their first EP " Bubble Of Dreams" was released by Sony Music Italy.

Since 2019, they have toured intensely all over Italy with a lot of sold out gigs. They also played a few international shows including the Barrakud Festival in Croatia, the Sziget Festival in Hungary and the Eurosonic Festival in the Netherlands.

In 2021, they released the singles "What If" and "Am I Dreaming". In 2022, they wrote and produced the original soundtrack for the film "Gli Immortali" by Anne Riita Ciccone, which is set to be released in early 2024. Currently, they are finishing their second studio album, which will be released in the coming months.

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