"Lost In Time", the first live performance of BowLand after the Covid-19 Lockdown, filmed at Villa Bardini in Florence.


1. Something To Hide

2. Maybe Tomorrow (cover)

3. Overnight Sensation

4. Lost

5. Amandoti (cover)

6. Kemet

7. Ain't No Sunshine (cover)

Produced by: Lattexplus, Comune di Firenze, Estate Fiorentina

Video produced by: Elephant Studio

Directed by: Piero Fragola e Thomas Pizzinga

Camera operator: Umberto Santos, Jacopo Cosmelli, Cristina Principe, Luca Ruggeri e Matteo Manganelli

Drone: Victor Valobonsi

Color grading: Jacopo Cosmelli

Audio: Stefano Luciani

Rental: Moviechrome

Press: Lorenzo Migno

"What If" Official Video

Directed by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
Cinematographer: Alessio Balza
Art Direction: Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
Stylist: Michele Previsani
Make-up Artist: Selene Bonini
Assistant Director: Filippo Marta
Producer: Augusta D.Grecchi
Production Assistant: Carlotta Balestrieri
Camera Assistant: Andrea Delle Foglie
Lighting Technician: Michele Branchi
Mysterious Man: Alberto Fontanella
Post & Visual Effects: Rino Stefano Tagliafierro


"Kemet" Official Video

Production: Blanket Studio, BowLand

Director/Editor: Lorenzo Donnini

Cinematographer: Emilio M. Costa

1AC: Danilo Pitrelli

Cinematographer's PA: Roberto D'Adorante

Camera Dept PA: Daniele Matteagi

Colorist: Emilio M. Costa, Roberto D'Adorante

Product designer: Giulia Carnevali

Assistant product designer: Nike Paolucci Mua Daria Lyubchenko

Title design: Simone Brillarelli

Thanks to: Michelle Davis, Alessandra Badii, Lida Noba,

Massimo Proietti, Panalight Roma, Collettivo HMCF

In collaboration with The Student Hotel Firenze

Folklore Persian song covered by BowLand

Live at Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence/Italy (07.07.2019), recorded with a spherical VR 360 camera Produced by: Omar Rashid, Alessandro Mancini, Luca Fortino

Written and Directed by Sasan Bahadorinejad

Production company: Gold Productions

Graphics: Azzurra Giuntini

Animation: Cosimo Lombardelli, Simone Brillarelli

Photography, Editing, Post-production: Sasan Bahadorinejad

"Green Twilight" Official Video

Produced by: Blanket Studio

Written by: BowLand, Blanket Studio, Nuanda Sheridan

Directed and edited by: Lorenzo Donnini

DOP and color correction: Roberto d'Adorante

Costume design: Foje

Costume production: Reihaneh Ajelle, Najme Kamyabi

Make up: Lei Low

Special Thanks to: Nima Nezam, Lorenzo Bergamini

"Darkness In Your Tone" Official Video

Video by Lei Low

Photography by Maziar Boostandoost

"Don't Stop Me" Official Video

Video by Uolli

"It's All Grey" (Rooftop Session)

Video by Mahmoudreza Forouhi

"One Eyed Giants" Live @ Deposito Zero Studios, Forlì

"Get Busy" (Home made Sean Paul Cover)

video by Mahmoudreza Forouhi

"Maybe Tomorrow" Cover @ Assago Forum, MIlano (X Factor 2018 Bootcamp)